Spiritual wellness

Sanne’s Channeling

Talking to Spirit Guides is magical, surprising, light and playful. While this ability to talk to the Spirit World is indeed a gift that I received at birth, it is also an art that one has to learn to master. I’ve spent many years practicing and improving this skill.

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Jill Hewins Regression

I come to the regression practice from a lifetime of soul-searching about who I am and how I belong in this world.  I’ve studied and applied many spiritual practices always searching for my place – for my own wisdom of “what it’s all about”.  

I believe that essentially we all eventually come to this precipice at some point in our lives. For some, it could be at the very end of their life. For others it becomes a fire inside – this searching and seeking – and I have discovered that it doesn’t really matter when we get to the precipice but we all do eventually get to this place.