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Celebrities & Thermage – What JLo Uses to Look Beyond Flawless

Celebrity dermatologist Doctor Robert Anolik weighs in on the insider secret that keeps JLo looking so young: THERMAGE. On the heels of the Super Bowl, the searchterm “how old is JLo?” skyrocketed. The answer? 50. The follow up question? How? We speak exclusively to Doctor Robert Anolik on Thermage, the treatment that keeps the actress, [...]

Help during pandemic

The Center Is Here to Help You During the Coronavirus Pandemic During this time of great societal stress, we are here to contribute our knowledge and experience to your health and wellbeing. There is a high level of interest in evidence-based integrative strategies to augment public health measures to prevent COVID-19 virus infection and associated [...]

What Is a Lip Lift?

This lesser-known procedure lasts longer than lip injections. You can't go anywhere - work, spin, a casual Instagram scroll-without coming across a textbook example of lip fillers. It's been years since Kylie Jenner first admitted to plumping her lips, yet the look hasn't dissolved. If you're assuming that lip fillers are the first and only [...]

Fillers Last Longer with Botox

“This is an interesting article that already confirms what cosmetic surgeons have seen in practice for years. Combination therapy is always more effective thAn any modality alone.”Dr Rubbani Fillers Last Longer With Botox February 02, 2016 By Lisette Hilton Chemodenervation, using botulinum neurotoxin-A, prolongs the lasting effects of hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers by reducing muscle [...]

10 Most Effective Ways to Naturally Increase HGH Production

It is a scientifically-based approach to aging focused on preservation of optimum human function and quality of life, making every effort to slow the process of degeneration of the body that comes with aging. Anti aging/ Age Management Medicine is a proactive, preventative approach to health. It’s not simply Human Growth Hormone (HGH), testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, [...]

Kybella, Is It the Next Big Thing?!

In our practice we create a customized injection pattern and don’t only rely solely on the standard pattern dots to ensure that we can get the best results! Mesotherapy has been performed for years, it  goes in and out of fashion, but it has never been mainstream.  You’re probably even wondering what that word means! The [...]

Lose Weight and Feel Great

Are you feeling the effects of unhealthy fat? Excess body fat doesn’t just change the way your clothes fit. It can affect your energy, self-confidence, and long-term health and well-being. Losing weight—and keeping it off—is important for staying healthy. But not all weight loss programs are “healthy” or result in sustained weight loss. And few [...]

Finding Effective, Natural Relief for Menopausal Symptoms

Menopause affects every woman differently Many (but not all) women complain of hot flashes or night sweats at some point during menopause. Other common symptoms include anxiety, sleeplessness, irritability, mood changes, physical/mental exhaustion, and other body complaints, such as heart palpitations, urogenital symptoms, and joint/muscle discomfort. Natural approaches may help relieve a variety of symptoms [...]

Ketogenic Diet Benefits

By Dr. Mercola Each year during the anniversary week of, we recognize a Game Changer; someone whose work stands as a great service to humanity by making a significant contribution to improving people’s health. This year, we present the Game Changer Award to Thomas Seyfried, Ph.D.,1 a professor of biology at Boston College and [...]

Changes in Dietary Iodine

Changes in Dietary Iodine Explains Increasing Incidence of Breast Cancer with Distant Involvement in Young Women The incidence of breast cancer with distant involvement at diagnosis is increasing in young women, age 25-39, possibly at an accelerating rate, as previously demonstrated by Johnson et al.1 This disturbing trend was also observed in women age 40-54, [...]